How to Have a Happy Marriage: If Mommy and Daddy are Happy, Everyone is Happy.

How to Have a Happy Marriage: If Mommy and Daddy are Happy, Everyone is Happy.


If Mommy and Daddy are Happy, Everyone is Happy.


Marriage Myth- “Once you fall in love, you don’t have to work at it anymore.” Marriage is constant work, period. It takes so much energy to create and maintain love.  If all you are giving your spouse is the energy that is left over after a work and caring for your family then you are cheating on your marriage.


Putting your marriage first is a state of mind. Marriage needs to be the foundation of your world. It’s so much easier to tackle life’s hurdles having love in your heart and knowing that you have a partner that cares deeply about you. Aren’t you a better parent when you feel close to your spouse, rather then the day that you are in a fight? I know I live my life more passionately when I feel loved and I’m able to give love.


In my home, my husband and I always try and put our marriage first. I believe that if Mommy & Daddy are happy, our children are happier. I’m not saying to neglect your children in anyway, but try and be a relationship role model for your children. You will obviously have less time with your children today if you go on a date alone with your spouse, but you will be offering them a better parent when you return. Start with the love in your marriage, and then let that love flow into all the other avenues of your life.


Here are 4 things I do in my marriage:


Weekly Date Night-



My husband and I always make date night a priority. I get so excited for our date nights, picking out my outfit, getting dolled up and most importantly flirting with my husband! It’s doesn’t have to be a big production, lots of times we just go to the movies. If you can’t get a babysitter or afford to go out then plan a date night at home. Tell your children that mommy and daddy need an hour to ourselves. Get dressed up and go sit in your living room, flirt with your spouse. Make each other a priority.


Show Appreciation-



Everyone wants to feel special and appreciated. You need to be an active participant in your marriage, investing in it everyday. A daily dose of kindness goes a long way. I believe it’s the little things that make a big difference. For example, making your spouse a cup of coffee in the morning, running out the store to buy milk or even waking up for the baby to do the midnight feeding. Expressing gratitude creates an atmosphere of consideration.


Speak Proudly of your Spouse-



Compliment each other. Let your husband know how amazing you think he is. Tell your wife that she means the world to you. How often do your children hear you compliment each other? Say something positive to each other in front of your children to let them know that Mommy and Daddy cherish each other. Be that model relationship for your children.


Focus on Today-


Many times you find yourself arguing about the past. In my marriage, most of our fights are about things that happens before my husband  and I ever knew each other! If the same issue continues to come up. Try and recognize your role in this negative pattern, change it and move on.



A great marriage takes a deep connection with your spouse, commitment, communication, and respect.